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Top 10 Warzone streamers in France on Twitch



Discover the ten most watched Warzone streamers in France on the most popular streaming platform, Twitch.

Warzone's big update with the integration of Modern Warfare 3 has finally arrived after a long wait, offering fans a new map called Urzikstan as well as a new arsenal of weapons that are already very extensive.

And obviously, as soon as this update was released, all the streamers rushed to this new map and among them, we can find many names that we all know.

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So if like us you are curious and you are wondering which are the 10 most watched French-speaking Twitch streamers in the Warzone category, then discover the ranking below.


TOP 10 WARZONE STREAMERS (February 2024)

Already number one on Warzone since the very first version of the Battle Royale with Verdansk as the main map, ChowH1 dominates the ranking of the most watched French-speaking streamers.

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He is also the third most watched streamer in the world behind big names such as Symfuhny and Aydan.

Concerning the rest of the French-speaking ranking for this month of February 2024, Skyrroz and Low4n complete the podium.

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We will continue to update this article over the coming weeks.


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