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Tower defense, Metal Slug Attack Reloaded arrives on PS4 and PS5



The legendary Metal Slug series is back. An improved version of Metal Slug Attack (which was released for iOS and Android in 2016), Metal Slug Attack Reloaded has just arrived on consoles.

The title offers a familiar yet renewed experience, combining the classic visual style of 2D pixel art with the strategic and intense depth of tower defense gameplay. With more than 300 unique characters from five different factions, including the Regular Army, the Rebel Army and the Space Army, players can have endless possibilities of combinations to create their team.

Check out the trailer below:

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded is now available for purchase in versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (R$53.90), Xbox Series X|S (R$51.53), Nintendo Switch (R$51.53) and PC ( Steam, R$49.70).

What’s new in Metal Slug Attack Reloaded

New to the battle is Mostro, the human-alien hybrid resulting from a deliberate conspiracy by the Martian overlord Rootmars. Mostro is the King of Mars and was designed specifically for the console versions of the game. Furthermore, Another Story is a charming collection of stories that seamlessly blends familiar faces from the franchise. And, of course, there is an online mode with battles with friends and strangers.

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