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Trails through Daybreak will be released in July in the West



Nihon Falcom has confirmed that The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak will be released on July 5th in the West. Available for PS4 in Japan since 2021, the JRPG will come to PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC with full English localization.

The second title in the Kuro no Kiseki arc will be available with improved visuals, improved combat and a high-speed mode. Furthermore, the game marks the debut of fighting mechanics entirely in real time, with enemies spread across the battlefield and ready for action.

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Set in the world of Zemuria, The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak stars a young man who takes on jobs on the edge of legality. Thus, he interacts with police officers, mobsters, factions and all kinds of shadowy figures, while searching for his place in the world.

Watch the new trailer for the game below:

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Read the game's description below, according to its official Steam page:

The life of the spriggan is just one of the many professions that have emerged in the Republic of Calvard. Whether acting as a detective, negotiator or bounty hunter, Van Arkride takes on the kind of work that cannot be routed to more legitimate sources.

It could be something the police can't handle, something better to keep out of the public eye, or even a request from a criminal organization in the underworld; as long as he pays up and doesn't cross the gray line too far, he'll accept just about anything that comes his way.

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