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Tripled the goal! Helldivers 2 remains high after three weeks



The second week of Helldivers 2 saw a significant increase in the game's sales compared to its first days on the market and, contrary to all expectations, it continues to grow in the number of copies sold. According to the analyst Mat Piscatella, from the firm Circanathis phenomenon can be called “inverted falling curve”.

“So what's unique about an inverse decay curve, and why do I use it instead of growth? I'm not being pretentious (but thanks for that) – it's because it's a real thing. Typically, sales are highest for a new release during the first week and decline over time. With an inverse decay curve, the trend reverses. This is rare, especially for larger games. Just saying growth does not explain the nature – as growth can be temporary, that is, from discounts. Using an inverse decay curve denotes that underlying sales are improving, regardless of short-term things that may impact incremental demand,” he wrote.

It's yet another example of how the PlayStation shooter is performing spectacularly. Most likely, of course, motivated by word of mouth and positive repercussions on the Internet. Positive reviews from the press and players only increase, as do clips of great plays, reports of coop emotions and expectations for even better updates.

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Helldivers 2 is available for PS5 and PC and its player base continues to grow. Unfortunately, official numbers have not yet been released.

Fake discount on Helldivers 2 causes confusion

The success of Helldivers 2 has apparently started to attract too much attention on Steam. According to the insider Wario64 and reports on the internet that were confirmed after a publication by Arrowhead, attempted to copy the shooter's page on the PC marketplace to deceive several consumers.

It all started when several unofficial discounts appeared for the game on the computer platform. Obviously, with the current success and all the hype surrounding the title, many ended up being seduced by the proposal, however, this was a farce. Read more by clicking here.

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