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Turbo Golf Racing will arrive on PS5 in April



Publisher Secret Mode has finally revealed when Turbo Golf Racing, the Rocket League-style game from Hugecalf Studios, will arrive on PS5. Currently in early access for Xbox and PC, the title debuts on Sony's next-generation console on April 4th.

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Preparing the community for the “full launch”, the companies prepared a series of new features for the Launch Party season. In it, players took advantage of new car parts to parade around the golf courses in style and other various rewards.

In addition, new environments showing scenes in the city, jungle, and another in an industrial zone, will be present in Turbo Golf Racing. The additions don't stop there, no. Gameplay mechanics will also be part of the package, and it will be possible to use features such as Dash and Smash in sessions.

Watch the trailer below:

Turbo Golf Racing will have a frantic mode for eight players

Another attraction prepared for the Turbo Golf Racing Launch Party is the eight-player mode shown by Hugecalf in the trailer above. The purpose of this style of gameplay is to deliver faster cars to accelerate players' performance and witness more frantic battles to reach the winner of the confrontations. Did you like it?

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