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Understand how Sony helped with Rise of the Ronin



Rise of the Ronin is a project where Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo had a helping hand from PlayStation, but it wasn’t just in publicity and marketing in general. Fumihiko Yasuda, director of the game, said in an interview with the portal Denfaminicogamer, that the company’s assistance covered much greater details.

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Sony was responsible for internal gameplay testing and sent valuable feedback to the development team. Not only in issues where players could be prevented from advancing the story, but also in a better implementation of the DualSense.

Along with this, support also covered other interesting gameplay elements. For example, the number of cats spread across the map was almost double, but with feedback from PlayStation, the devs decided to greatly reduce this number.


Rise of the Ronin coverRise of the Ronin cover

To conclude, Sony also participated directly in the planning of Rise of the Ronin so that the launch took place in the best possible way. Did you have fun on this one?

In sales, Rise of the Ronin has “the best numbers” at Koei Tecmo

The numbers have not yet been released in detail, however, Rise of the Ronin has Koei Tecmo’s best sales performance, even surpassing the NiOH franchise. Look here!

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