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Unexpected change infuriates Palworld players



Palworld players are upset after noticing a certain change that was not included in the latest Patch Notes.

Palworld's launch was a huge success, with the game garnering over 500,000 concurrent players and surpassing some of the most popular titles on Steam just hours after its release.

Given that the game is still in Early Access, it's no surprise that players will encounter a few issues from time to time. Fortunately, the developers are aware and regularly release Patch Notes to improve the experience.

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However, with the latest Patch Notes, players spotted an undocumented detail that left them upset. This detail is none other than the Censorship change, which was not listed in the last Patch Notes.

Due to the addition of this feature to the game, players could no longer use certain words to name all sorts of things in the game, from their world, their Pals, and even the billboard. This discovery was shared by a user in a Reddit thread, in which they admitted that they could no longer call their world “Por name their Cattiva “Sassy B.”

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They stressed that they weren't against the decision, just that it was simply “undocumented” by the developers, hence sharing it with others. Others in the comments weren't happy, calling the decision “boring” and saying it didn't make sense given some of the explicit things present in the game.

One player suggested that this feature should be configurable for both single player and private servers, to which another user jokingly responded, “My Lovander called McB*t agrees.”

Another mentioned that while they understand the developers' decision, it shouldn't be “forced” on single player or private servers. “A toggle like everything else would work well,” they said.

“I would prefer a fuzzy name on the client side if they want to censor,” suggested another.

Meanwhile, some players have admitted that they are going to regret calling their base and Pals with their original names. It's unclear if this feature will be adjusted, so for now, it appears players will have no choice but to change their Pal's name if they want to avoid censorship.

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