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Unicorn Overlord reaches 500 thousand copies sold



This weekend, Atlus and Vanillaware announced that Unicorn Overlord reached the mark of 500 thousand copies sold globally. The feat comes to fruition in just under a month after the title is released on consoles.

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The news was shared through an “accolades” trailer, where it is possible to observe some gameplay scenes. The video highlights the combat mechanics and tactical exploration system, while revealing the encouraging opinions of some press outlets.

Watch the Unicorn Overlord video below:

It is worth remembering that this milestone reinforces some “inconveniences” that the RPG has generated in recent weeks. This is because the game's physical media sold out in Japan, as a result of a super positive reception from the community.

Unicorn Overlord is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

Unicorn Overlord is ahead of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in Japan

Japanese market figures for the first half of March indicated that Unicorn Overlord was ahead of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in sales. In one week, the title sold almost 5,000 more copies than the Square Enix adventure. Click here to learn more.

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