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Unlock a unique Memento in the Destiny 2: Final Form Raid



The Final Form raid in Destiny 2 introduced a new Memento cosmetic reward. Edge of Salvation will reward players with an awesome cosmetic if they manage to complete the raid and meet all the requirements.

The Destiny 2: Final Form raid introduced the Memento Monolithic reward, which only rewards Guardians able to complete the required objectives in the raid.

Players discovered that this reward can be collected from the vendor at the end of the raid. It can be inserted into crafted or upgraded weapons and will give the weapon an additional appearance. Mementos have been added to the game before, but only as rare drops in ritual activities.

This is the first time a Memento has been offered as a reward for a high-level raid and it truly is the definition of ” real endgame reward “.

However, obtaining this Memento is not an easy task, as it requires not only that Guardians complete all Orée du Salut Raid encounters in a single session, but they must also complete them without any major defeats or in Master mode.

Typically, the rewards for completing the raid on Master difficulty or completing it flawlessly come in the form of an achievement or triumph. This is one of the first times a reward can be used on a weapon, allowing Guardians to truly show off their skills to others in the Tower and other activities.

I haven’t seen anyone post about this but it’s so awesome said one Twitter user/X.

As soon as they started creating Mementos, I thought they should put them in raids. It’s awesome », added another.

It’s unclear if Bungie intends to offer more rewards like this in the future, but seeing Destiny 2’s Guardians being rewarded for their in-game prowess is fantastic.

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