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Until Then will show more of Philippine culture



Until Then, a game distributed by Maximum Games and confirmed for PS5, is much more than a simple indie with a pixelated art style. In a post on the PS Blog, Ellen Plummer, brand manager at Modus Games, spoke about the title and how Philippine culture will be present in the narrative.

The player will explore a world where not everything is as it seems and follow the story of Mark Borja. He is a high school student facing the trauma of loss after a catastrophic event. In the midst of these events, the player will learn a lot about the culture, music and more of the region.

Travel through Philippine-inspired landscapes in search of truth. From the heart of the bustling capital to long bus rides through grassy fields and coastal towns, explore the world of Until Then in a fictionalized version of the Philippines. The internal spaces are marked by the mannerisms of the locals, setting the scene in the recent past.

Interacting with friends, playing minigames and discovering the secrets that hide behind reality are some of the game's tasks. Until Then mixes art, music, humor and drama, making the player reflect on life, death and hope.

With a cinematic approach, Until Then gameplay will be simple

The intention of Until Then's developers is to immerse players in the narrative. Therefore, the gameplay will be quite simple for everyone to enjoy the proposal, so expect side scrolling, with a focus on dialogue and character development.

Did you like it? The game's page on the PS Store has already been released and Until Then can be added to your Wish List.

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