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Valorant cards: all cards in the current rotation



Valorant changes maps regularly, as Riot Games artificially limits the number of maps in rotation to give itself the opportunity to work on out-of-rotation maps and reintroduce them into the game. Here are the maps currently in rotation.

Valorant’s map rotation has been updated with each episode of Valorant since Episode 5. The game currently has 11 maps and keeps seven in rotation in Unranked and Competitive Esports modes.

Riot does this to allow fans to master each card without it becoming overwhelming, as it’s much easier to learn seven cards rather than ten from the start. Additionally, the developer is removing certain cards from rotation to give its teams the time needed to adjust them and improve the player experience.

Here is the list of cards currently in rotation in Valorant, updated as Riot adds and removes cards.

What is Valorant’s current map rotation?

Valorant Abyss map for June 11 update

Valorant card rotation:

  • Icebox
  • Lotus
  • Sunset
  • Abyss
  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Haven

Riot updated this list in Patch 8.11, released on June 11, to introduce Abyss and reintegrate Haven. The latest addition to the rotation is Abyss, releasing in June 2024.

The rotation should include a mix of large and small cards, allowing for different Agents to be chosen. This selection of cards constantly sparks debate within the Valorant community. Fans have long called for maps like Ascent to be removed or improved, while also wanting to maintain maps that still feel fresh and new, like Haven.

This list does not cover game modes like Spike Rush or Deathmatch. All maps are available in these modes.

Other modes like Team Deathmatch also have different maps than the competitive portion of the game.

Valorant’s map rotation is constantly evolving, providing players with varied challenges while allowing Riot Games to continually improve the gaming experience. Stay tuned for future updates.

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