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Vincent's voice actor didn't know about his role



ffvii rebirth vincent valentine matthew mercer

The video game industry is full of secrets, even for those who work in it. The projects follow a confidentiality process even for the characters' voice actors, as happened with actor Matthew Mercer who played the anti-hero Vincent Valentine in FFVII Rebirth.

In an appearance for Square Enix's YouTube documentary, Mercer explained how he didn't know he would be voicing someone from a JRPG until he entered the studio and realized what the project was about. He said he was called in to record random NPC voices, until he received word that his role was greater.

He explained that the screen where the lines of dialogue would appear was having problems, but then a montage of the actor appeared with a thought bubble written: “What if I could play a real character from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?”. It is then that the image of Vincent Valentine is revealed.

Fortunately, the moment was recorded and you can see the actor's surprise at minute 16:00.

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