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Virtua Fighter will have a reboot with esports and new characters



A reboot of SEGA's famous fighting franchise, Virtua Fighter, is on the way. The leaker Midorivery popular on social network X, is the one who brings the information.

According to him, the title has been in development for a few years and, since 2021, it has undergone some concept changes until reaching its current definition: online-focused and esports-oriented, but offering both connected and offline experiences, including customization modes.


The new Virtua Fighter would have a new main story, in addition to sidequests, with iconic characters and also some newcomers. All with a modern art style. The implementation of streaming and spectator mechanics is another important part of the “Super Game” concept applied to the game.

New Virtua Fighter will have ranking system

As expected in a game designed for esports, it promises an evolution of ranked matches. According to the leaker, “this is a title that is focused on adapting to the player and their playing styles when playing online”.


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