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Warzone audio in top form, but one big problem persists



The Warzone community showered praise on the battle royale by celebrating its improved audio, describing it as the “best it’s ever been”but a problem continues to bother players.

Warzone has been plagued by audio issues for years, with players constantly complaining about its inconsistency. In an attempt to resolve this issue, Raven Software has introduced a variety of audio updates over the past few months, including significant bug fixes and changes to environmental sounds.

These changes have paid off, with the Warzone community now praising the game's audio design, with one player saying, “We must render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. The audio is probably the best it's ever been. »

An audio advancement in Warzone welcomed, despite a persistent defect

This post on Reddit explained “You can hear footsteps from 10 to 20m away depending on the material and whether someone is sprinting or walking. You can hear the parachutes from afar, no more people landing on you out of nowhere”before insisting that these changes make Warzone “ much less frustrating” to play.

Several others agreed with this sentiment, with one player responding, “Much better than last year”and another, “Yeah, I agree. The audio cues are generally well placed now, and I'm on PS5 so no custom audio settings involved.”

While many agreed that audio has come a long way, an equal number of players have been vocal about one big problem they still don't believe is resolved, vertical audio.

Irritated by Warzone's vertical audio issues, the top-voted answer in the thread stated, “Speak for yourself lol I can hear people parachuting from 100 meters away but apparently I can't hear people right behind me”with the author himself admitting “Vertical audio is still questionable. »

This view was shared by another user who commented, “The main issues are still vertical audio (as already mentioned) and the question of how the game prioritizes other sounds. So things like an airstrike can apparently still almost completely wipe out nearby footsteps. It's the only time I get surprised these days. »

Looking at community views, it's clear that while battle royale audio is in a better state than before, there is still work to be done. More updates will follow with Warzone Season 3 arriving in early April, which has the potential to bring more audio improvements.

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