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Warzone Mobile devs explain crucial matchmaking choice



The Warzone Mobile developers admit that there are no “technical limitations” on increasing the number of players in PC and console lobbies to 120 players, but they are simply choosing not to increase that number.

Warzone Mobile allows players to dive into the franchise from the comfort of their phone, making accessing the Warzone experience easier and faster than ever.

Although Warzone Mobile strongly resembles its PC and console counterparts, one particularity of the Mobile version has caught the attention of players. Because until now, the lobby size for PC and console players was limited to 100 players. A limit which has been increased, since Warzone Mobile now allows 120 players to compete at the same time during a game.

Increased lobbie size on Warzone Mobile sparks jealousy among PC and console players

For PC and console users, this increase in lobby size has caused backlash online with many players criticizing the developers, questioning why they aren't increasing lobbie sizes on PC and console as well.

In light of this online discourse, Chris Plummer, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of Mobile at Activision Publishing, sat down with IGN to discuss the changing size of lobbies.

“When we started working with Call of Duty technology and it worked, and now we have access to the Demonware backend and all this type of optimization has happened over 20 years of sauce secret of COD, suddenly we can have 120 humans in the same match.”

Plummer then admitted that they have the ability to increase the size of the PC and console lobbies but are actively choosing not to do so.

“I think it's important to emphasize that this is not a technical limitation in any direction. These are design choices. So Call of Duty technology supports a lot of players. We can support more or fewer players in Warzone Mobile, and the same is true on other platforms.

“The reason you see certain player setups is purely due to design decisions that are made based on observing how people play, where the action points are, where certain things happen in the playthrough of the map, and when it gets exciting or boring or whatever, and the number of players really impacts that.”

At the time of writing, no mention has been made if the main release of Warzone will increase the size of lobbies to 120 players. However, we will be sure to keep you informed if there are any changes or news regarding this update.

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