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Warzone players are fed up with “useless” battles that drag on forever



Eliminating opposing squads is the main objective of Warzone, but players feel that fights often feel “pointless” due to the high number of resources and features that enemies can use to survive.

Like most Battle Royale games, Warzone involves eliminating enemy teams until you're the last one standing. There are many different tactics and playstyles you can deploy to secure victory, whether you prefer to run and shoot with a machine gun or stay back with a sniper.

However, while getting knocked down in other titles like Fortnite or Apex Legends can spell disaster for your chances, CoD's Battle Royale offers several ways to save the day. These range from a backpack that can store armor plates to self-revives that allow you to get back up without the help of a teammate.

Nonetheless, many players are frustrated with these features, as they make it nearly impossible to quickly eliminate a rival squad.

Reddit user 'I_AM_THE_SEB' posted a post claiming that “the current resource system makes mid-range combat useless.” He accompanied his post with a screenshot showing a player with 18 stacked plates, meaning they could regain maximum armor after losing all three plates six times.

This led to several responses from other Warzone players who argued that the excessive number of resources available to players means that fights drag on too long, with enemies easily recovering after being attacked at medium or long range. .

The fights now last 5 minutes then you have to manage a third squad which intervenes. Too many self-revives, too many redeploy tokens and flares. Fighting the same squads for 25 minutes is no fun at all“, said one fan, before another added: “I understand they want to keep their player base playing, but start a new game. Don't give everyone 10 self-revives.

The main problem players seem to have is that these resources make it difficult to quickly take out a ranged enemy, as they can simply self-revive, protect themselves with plates, and jump back into the fight, making matches in “Terrible” Trios and Quads.

When players can fully protect themselves with plates 5 times in a row, have several self-revives and a box of ammo, then everything except long-range or short-range headshots turns into a war of attrition“, added another response, before another agreed: “This is why people have 4000 damage for 2 kills.

Only time will tell if the developers will address these issues in a future update.

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