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Warzone players are finally benefiting from the removal of this Gulag option



joueurs warzone profitent enfin retrait de cette option goulag

Warzone players are finally benefiting from the removal of this

Warzone players are rejoicing that the game's new update has finally removed a controversial Gulag class option.

The March 19 Warzone update removed lasers from classes in the Gulag, and the community couldn't be happier with this change. But why were they so controversial?

When Night Vision modes arrived in Warzone's Gulag, players immediately expressed their displeasure with the lasers being forced into classes.

The problem was that these lasers were visible to the enemy, meaning that the players' position was easily identifiable. Now this will no longer be a problem.

Lasers finally removed from Warzone's Gulag

This change is part of the March 19 update, which brought numerous adjustments to Warzone as well as other modes in Modern Warfare 3.

On social media, Warzone players praised the change. On X/Twitter, a user said: “The lasers are finally removed. Wow, thank goodness, a really useful feature.

On the Warzone subreddit, one player simply said about this announcement: “I can upvote this 100 times. FINALLY.

However, that doesn't mean everyone is happy, as one player expressed concern about the upcoming Gulag playstyle: “Let camping resume.”

While this change is overall positive, many players are calling for this developer attention to be given more to other issues in the game, including cheating and persistent bugs.

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