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Warzone players are furious that Warzone Mobile is getting bigger lobbies



joueurs warzone enragent que warzone mobile beneficie de lobbys plus grands

Warzone players are furious that Warzone Mobile is getting bigger

Warzone players are unhappy as the mobile version of the game will feature larger lobbies than those on PC and console, with players saying the mobile game benefits from features they have long requested.

Warzone Mobile, whose highly anticipated launch is scheduled for March 21, will offer a complete Warzone experience for mobile players, including cross-progression with other platforms.

From the appearance of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, to 6v6 modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination, to all the cosmetics you can normally earn in classic Warzone, the mobile version doesn't cut corners.

However, it seems that players are not happy that the mobile version is introducing lobbies of 120 players, unlike Warzone's current lobbies of 100, which infuriates them.

In a post published by CharlieIntel, Warzone Mobile playlists were listed, but many players quickly noticed that Battle Royale lobbies on Verdansk could accommodate up to 120 players.

Mobile gamers are better off than us right now“, said one player about the increased lobbie size. “120 players on mobile. 100 players on consoles and PC. Explain the logic to me“, added another.

Mobile gets everything PC and console gamers have been asking for for months, but all we get is a new battle rifle“, says one player, alluding to the fact that Activision seems to favor its mobile version. “More players in mobile lobbies… it's truly amazing.

Warzone traditionally used to host lobbies of 100+ players, with even 150-player lobbies on Al Mazrah in Warzone 2. In fact, upon release, Verdansk was expected to support 150 players.

However, after updates over the years, the number of players on different maps has gradually been reduced to 100. And even the current Urzikstan only supports up to 100 players at a time.

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