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Warzone players beg developers to avoid “stupid” changes to Rebirth Island



While the return of Rebirth Island to Warzone has been confirmed for this year 2024, players have recently expressed concerns about “stupid” changes that could distort what made the original version “so great”.

Warzone Season 2 is in full swing, introducing the usual Battle Royale news, with new weapons, modes and various balance adjustments. Additionally, this seasonal update marked the return of Fortune's Keep, accompanied by some changes to the map.

While we don't have an official date for Rebirth Island's return, several leaks suggest it could arrive in season 3. However, fans fear it could return with changes that would “permanently ruin” it. .

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Reddit user 'Vergy' posted to the CODWarzone subreddit, imploring developers to “staying true to the origins of Rebirth“. He mentions not being “fan of changes” and does not want to see any drastic changes made to this much-loved Rebirth Island map.

Many players agreed with him, fearing that Warzone would “destroy” part of the map for no good reason: “Oh, they're going to put a huge hole in the middle, you'll see“. Other players are open to some changes, as long as they are justified differently this time: “If it changes, I hope it won't be because of an earthquake, again.” Some, however, believe that any change will be negative: “I don't know how, but they'll definitely add stupid stuff that no one asked for that will degrade the card.

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One gameplay element in particular that fans don't want to see added is swimming: “They'll probably flood basements or create a crater just to justify their horrible swimming feature that no one likes.

Rebirth Island has already undergone some changes in its previous returns, which have generally been well-received by the community. If the map is indeed going to arrive in Season 3, then we should hear from Activision soon.

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