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Warzone Season 3 should finally bring back this iconic map



If the return of Rebirth Island was confirmed for 2024 during the last COD Next, leaks recently indicated that this map could soon arrive during Season 3 of Warzone.

Rebirth Island is one of Warzone's most beloved maps, with Resurgence being a fan-favorite mode for its non-stop action.

However, the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 put aside this map which has since completely disappeared.

But during the last edition of COD Next, the developers announced that Rebirth Island would make its comeback in 2024, as well as Fortune's Keep. Warzone Season 2 brought the latter, but no updates have been shared on when the former will arrive.

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That said, new signs point to a near return for Rebirth.

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Rebirth Island set to arrive in Warzone Season 3

Since the developers shared that Rebirth would return, it hasn't been all quiet. In January, Raven Software shared an image of the return of the Specialist Bonus, another feature that has been absent for some time. The image itself was captured on one of Rebirth's water towers, most likely indicating that the two could return together.

And recently, leakers found numerous references titled “s3_rebirth” in the game files, which suggests a return of this map in Season 3.

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Warzone Season 2 began on February 7, and if this information is correct, Rebirth Island should return to Warzone in April for Season 3.

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