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Warzone: Why removing tactical sprint is necessary?



In an effort to improve movement in Warzone, we asked ourselves a simple question: could removing Tactical Sprint be beneficial? Here is our answer.

Movement is a key mechanic in Warzone that can differentiate the best players from the worst and it's also a topic that has been debated within the community for many years.

First introduced to Call of Duty in 2019 with the release of Modern Warfare 2019, Tactical Sprint was immediately a popular mechanic.

It has since been included in every CoD (with the exception of Black Ops Cold War) and has been a constant in Warzone, and many players enjoy this feature to traverse maps more efficiently.

The problem, however, is that tactical sprinting no longer really fulfills the function that players intended for it.

In Verdansk, you could slide-cancel to reset your tactical sprint, which essentially meant that this feature never stopped and you could run like this at maximum speed for as long as you wanted.

Slide-cancel was later removed in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, much to the dismay of players, and then reinstated in MW3, although it no longer resets tactical sprint, which greatly annoyed players.

But the big question now is: why do we still need tactical sprinting?

Tactical Sprint in Warzone

Tactical Sprint made its appearance in Modern Warfare 2019.

Why should we eliminate the tactical sprint?

This mechanic now seems almost useless without the ability to slide-cancel to reset it.

So in order to find fluid and efficient movements in Call of Duty, we think the best solution would be to remove the tactical sprint while increasing the base sprint speed.

While Warzone players enjoy the speed at which they move using Tactical Sprint, it's still incredibly frustrating to wait for this feature to regenerate to give you that speed boost again.

This is why simply increasing the sprint speed in the game makes much more sense in our opinion than maintaining a mechanic that makes timings random and no longer serves any concrete purpose.

While this opinion will certainly not sit well with many players, we believe it would be beneficial for Call of Duty in the long term.

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