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Warzone’s C4 hit by nerf as explosives dominate meta



Warzone developers Raven Software have announced an update to reduce C4 damage which has begun to dominate the Battle Royale meta.


The C4 has had its moment in the Warzone meta since the game launched in 2020. While it was previously possible to throw it extremely far, this explosive received a nerf in newer versions of Warzone to give it a more realistic throwing range, but that doesn’t mean it has become any less powerful.

In fact, after thermobaric grenades were banned from competitive play due to pros using them in abundance, players quickly turned to the C4. This proved to be just as destructive, with the C4 providing a great mix of ease of use and explosive power to take out other teams.


In response to changes in the meta, Raven released a surprise update on the night of June 19, confirming a nerf to C4 with the following changes:

  • Casting speed has been reduced by 15%
  • The radius has been reduced to 7 meters, compared to 8 meters previously.
  • Outer ray damage reduced to 138, down from 155

While this isn’t a major nerf, it should help align the C4 with other explosive equipment.


If you were using the C4 before this nerf, rest assured that it is unlikely to have become completely useless, but you may need to plan to fire a few more bullets after the initial explosion before taking down your opponents.

That said, this explosive still remains effective against vehicles and in late-game circles, where it is easier to get closer to other teams.


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