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Warzone’s JAK Scimitar Kit Unlocks a Must-Have FJX Horus Meta Attachment



A new Warzone Season 4 conversion kit transforms one of the best submachine guns in the game into a powerful mid-range option with a fast TTK, while unlocking a must-have accessory for the weapon.

The Warzone Season 4 Week 3 challenges offer a new conversion kit for one of the best weapons in the game: the FJX Horus.

The FJX Horus JAK Scimitar Kit increases the submachine gun’s bullet velocity and damage range, while significantly improving recoil control and aiming stability while firing. This makes the weapon much more effective at range, turning it into a sort of assault rifle/submachine gun hybrid.

Although this accessory penalizes the mobility and maneuverability of the submachine gun, accessories like the XRK Edge BW-4 Handguard And No stick are great for balancing these aspects, increasing the speed of transition from sprinting to shooting, your movements as well as your aiming speed.

Additionally, the JAK Scimitar Kit also unlocks the 60-round magazine. Using the Conversion Kit will automatically equip the 60 Round Magazine to your weapon, but after unlocking the JAK Scimitar, you will be able to use this magazine on any class of the FJX Horus.

Before the release of the JAK Scimitar, the 60 Round Magazine was permanently locked for the FJX Horus, but now it is finally possible to unlock and use it. 60 rounds is more than enough in Warzone, and it works especially well with the conversion kit on the FJX Horus, since you’ll be using it more at range.

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber WhosImmortal also highlighted the new JAK Scimitar Conversion Kit in his June 12 video, describing it as an accessory you “must unlock.”

The Warzone expert completed his JAK Scimitar FJX Horus class with the 9mm High Grain Ammo for additional bullet velocity and range, while opting for the Silencer DHW Requieter to improve stability and aiming speed.

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