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Was Virgin River canceled by Netflix?



Filled with romance and drama, the series Virgin River is certainly one of the most popular on Netflix. But its absence in the platform's recent big announcements is worrying: has it really been canceled?

Whether we're talking about Mel and Jack, Muriel and Cameron, or even Preacher and Paige, there's always something big happening in the small, isolated town of Virgin River.

The final episodes, those of part 2 of season 5, left a lot of food for viewers to grind: after Mel receives visibly worrying news from a previously estranged family member, the sequel can only promise to be thrilling.

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However, little information has yet been given by Netflix. Worse: the long-awaited season 6 did not appear in the big announcements at the beginning of February for the 2024 catalog on the streaming platform. Which did not fail to worry the fans: Virgin River was it cancelled?

Series Virgin River on Netflix has it been cancelled?

No, Virgin River has not been canceled – season 6 is expected to hit our screens sometime in 2025.

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The delay, however, is enough to worry the most dedicated fans. After all, the Netflix series already has five seasons, and has never needed such a length to send the sequel to its viewers: in general, the time to create a season takes a little less than a year , sometimes a little more, but never two years.

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Added to the delay is the lack of information on what could happen in season 6 of Virgin River : if the showrunner mentioned the question of parenthood for Mel and Jack, a jump in time, or even drama around the budding relationship of Muriel and Cameron, we don't know much more at the moment.

According to Deadline, Virgin River is not the only series to have been put aside by Netflix for this year 2024: this is also the case for Stranger Things or the live-action of One Piece. Despite the success of these productions, we will have to wait until 2025 to find their heroes, filming having not yet started for the majority.

In the meantime, the first five seasons of Virgin River are fully available on Netflix.

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