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Watch gameplay of the new Terminator game



With cooperative multiplayer, Terminator: Survivors, Nacon's Terminator game, had shared gameplay scenes. Produced by Nacon Studio Milan, the game will leave early access for PC on October 24th, arriving on PS5 and Xbox Series at a later date.

Just like in the film, your objective is to fight Skynet's machines. Players will be able to choose whether to complete missions alone or in groups, in a narrative where operators will discover the truth about a recent attack. Check it out below:

To convey all that tension from the films, the game had several people involved in its setting who watched the film. A post-apocalyptic world needed to be recreated within Terminator: Survivors and the devs showed the result of these ideas in a video:

Main features of Terminator: Survivors, the Terminator game

In a press release, Nacon provided the following information about Terminator: Survivors' gameplay features:

  • True to the Legend – Meet iconic characters from the franchise, as well as original characters, and immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted world in the post-apocalyptic future of James Cameron's masterpiece.
  • Indestructible Threat – Explore the open world to discover the key materials and survivors needed to advance your base, but never forget: the fearsome and deadly Terminator is out there hunting you, posing a constant threat.
  • Uncover the Truth – Learn more about what happened on Judgment Day in an unexplored plot and try to change the destiny of humanity.
  • Rise from the Ashes – Develop the remnants of humanity into a base that you will use to establish a new foothold for humanity and face the threat of machines alone or in cooperative play with up to three friends.
  • Think Before You Shoot – While you're armed to attack at close range and from afar, stealth and stealth may be smarter approaches with Skynet's machines and looters lurking.

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