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WB Games wants to move away from AAAs to focus on GaaS



WB Games plans to make a major change to its business strategy. Even with the absolute success of Hogwarts Legacy, the company wants to move away from AAA projects for consoles as they are “volatile”, betting its chips on free games and mobile titles.

According to WB Games CEO JB Perrette (via GameSpot), there are “a lot more opportunities for growth” in the games-as-a-service scene. These would include taking advantage of consolidated IPs, such as Mortal Kombat, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and DC, to ensure more consistent results.

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The 22 million copies of Hogwarts Legacy sold in just one year would be an outlier. To support this argument, WB Games cited Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which would have been a real disappointment as a high-budget project.

Instead of just releasing a ready-made console game, how can we develop a project around, for example, Hogwarts Legacy or Harry Potter, that is a live service where people can live, work, build and play in that world in a way that to be continued?

Hogwarts Legacy
Source: WB Games

The executive concludes by suggesting he has no idea what the gaming scene will be like in a few years. However, he believes WB Games properties, virtual reality technologies and connected worlds will “increase in scale and adoption” in the future.

WB Games reveals Joker's arrival date for Suicide Squad

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