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Website indicates that Sony sold 1.4 million PS5 in January



According to an estimate from VG Chartz, the PS5 was the best-selling console in the world in January 2024 – with almost 1.4 million units sold. To bring the exact number, there would have been 1,385,687 devices, taking the global total of the video game, since it was launched at the end of 2020, to 54.17 million.

The Nintendo Switch had 999,745 units, bringing its total sales to 137.72 million (since 2017). The Xbox Series X|S registered 452,119 units, jumping to 27.68 million in its complete cycle on the market. The PlayStation 4 also had a few sales, 6,642, which places it with 117.16 million in total.

Speaking of PS4, the new generation model has a slight advantage over it when comparing the number of months both have had on the market – around 225,000 more sales. Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 also improved its brand compared to January 2023 by 7.2% (just over 92 thousand units).

In other words, in the end, it was a positive month for the PS5 and for Sony. It remains to be seen how performance will be in February, after the company president's statements that we are living the second half of the product's life, and the increasingly strong rumors about a Pro version being launched at the end of the year.

500,000 PS5 units were sold in the Americas in January

According to the same VG Chartz, 500 thousand units were in the Americas alone – United States, Canada and Latin America. And the results are not surprising, with the PS5 leading the list compared to the Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. Now, the number of Sony's current generation devices on the continent exceeds 22.5 million – almost half of the global total. Read more here.

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