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What arc will Tokyo Revengers season 4 adapt?



Furyô fans have reason to rejoice, since the anime Tokyo Revengers has just confirmed the creation of a fourth season: we tell you everything we know about Takemichi’s return.

It was in 2017 that the manga Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui debuted. And very quickly, the adventures of delinquents going back in time met with immense success. It is therefore no surprise that Takemichi Hanagaki’s story was given its anime adaptation in 2021.

Like the manga, the first season was also very popular, with spectators quickly becoming attached to this hero, a bit of a loser on the edges, but with more than noble intentions: the rescue of his former girlfriend tinged with jumps into time has convinced the public, to the point of offering a season 2 in 2023, and a season 3 immediately, that is to say the same year.

Far from stopping there, the series confirmed on June 16, 2024 the arrival of a fourth season, in an official teaser and a key visual. Which arc will be adapted this time and when will we be able to find Takemichi and company? We tell you everything we know about season 4 of Tokyo Revengers.

Which arc of the manga will be adapted in season 4 of Tokyo Revengers ?

Season 4 of Tokyo Revengers will adapt the Bonten arc, and should continue until the start of the Brahman arc of Ken Wakui’s manga.

The Bonten arc is only 21 chapters long, so it will only take about seven episodes to cover everything – unless the anime adds new scenes. Which will allow the series to then turn towards the Brahman arc (or sometimes called “Battle of the Three Heavens“), and therefore begin the final stretch of history.

The first season of Tokyo Revengers was entitled to 24 episodes, followed by two sequels of 13 episodes each. It is therefore possible that season 4 will also have 13 episodes. But it’s worth noting that nothing is certain at this point. Given the structure of the remaining arcs and their importance, the next season could also span more episodes.

For now, the fourth season has been named Tokyo Revengers: The Sequel. A choice that goes against the current trend in the world of anime, which prefers to title the seasons according to the adapted arcs. We can thus see another clue to the possibility of having the right to more than one arc.

The fourth season will begin with the Bonten arc, which picks up where season 3 left off. After Kisaki’s death, Takemichi confessed his time-jumping power to Mikey. Confessions that lead to the dissolution of Toman.

Takemichi then returns to the present and discovers that everything is exactly as he had wished. Hinata is alive and the two will get married soon. The other members of the Toman gang have all moved forward, abandoning their criminal ambitions, and are now law-abiding citizens.

However, one person is missing. Despite the happiness he is swimming in, Takemichi finally realizes that Manjiro Sano (aka Mikey) is no longer part of the group. Worse: he is now the leader of Japan’s largest criminal organization, Bonten.

The Brahman arc follows the course of events, as Takemichi once again returns to the past to save Mikey from himself, no matter what it costs him.

When will season 4 be released? Tokyo Revengers ?

For the moment, no release date has been announced for season 4 of Tokyo Revengers. But the anime is in production and therefore could get a 2025 release window.

As for the streaming platform that will broadcast this new season, nothing has been announced at this stage. In France, the first season is available on Crunchyroll, but the sequel can be found on Disney+.

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