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What book does the House of the Dragon series adapt?



House of the Dragon follows the world created by George RR Martin, but which novel specifically is the HBO series adapting?

Game Of Thrones is among the best examples of adaptations for the world of series: between its numerous characters, its credits that we know by heart and its complex world, the HBO production was able to honor the novels The iron Throne by George RR Martin. And despite a controversial eighth and final season, spectators are still there when it comes to returning to Westeros.

Which partly explains the success of House of the Dragon, a prequel series focusing more particularly on an emblematic family: the Targaryens. Grand masters of the continent and owners of dragons, the members of the clan were not immune to the political intrigues dear to the saga of George RR Martin. But which novel was adapted by the series, which is preparing to return in a season 2?

Which book the series House of the Dragon does it adapt?

Series House of the Dragon adapt the book Fire and Blood by George RR Martin.

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Rather than a typical novel, the book is presented as a fictional collection of various stories, attributed to a maester of Westeros. This false author is indeed interested in the reign of the Targaryens and reports the most notorious facts of their time.

The book covers the House Targaryen dynasty. But in 2017, the novel turned into a saga: George RR Martin announced that he had too much material to exploit for a single volume. The decision was then made to divide it into two volumes. In French, you will find the two novels under the title of Fire and Bloodparts 1 and 2.

Series House of the Dragon is she faithful to the books Fire and Blood ?

Fire and Blood presenting itself more as a historical work than a novel, the HBO series does not have to rigorously follow the intentions of the characters. She can thus adapt her plot more freely than she would have done with a novel like The iron Throne.

Consequently, the facts reported in Fire and Blood are presented in House of the Dragon with a certain creative freedom. The story nevertheless draws on the major events of George RR Martin’s work, while the showrunners can afford to interpret the rest of the details in their own way in order to present a story appropriate to the episode format on the small screen.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon arrives June 17, 2024 on Max. And for more series, you can consult the list of all the productions expected this month in streaming.

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