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What does “Arise” mean in Solo Leveling?



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Episode 12 of Solo Leveling, titled “Arise,” revealed an iconic scene awaited by fans of the webtoon, in which Jinwoo gives his first order as the Shadow Monarch. But what does “Arise” really mean for the rest of the anime?

While it has kept fans in suspense for several months now, the anime Solo Leveling ended a few days ago with episode 12. This therefore marks the end of one of the most popular titles of the start of 2024. However, this does not mean that we will not see again Jinwoo, since season 2 has already been confirmed by Crunchyroll.

And if the anime was able to seduce the public, it is partly thanks to its intense battles, in particular the one against Igris, the famous “bloody” Commander. A fight which was eagerly awaited by fans, but which does not mark the end of the quest for class change. Indeed, after defeating this formidable opponent, Jinwoo will also have to face an endless horde of knights controlled by mages.

After a tough fight, the protagonist will finally manage to overcome his opponents, thus signifying that Jinwoo has succeeded in the quest proposed by the system. Episode 12 therefore concludes the Class Change arc, at the end of which he will become a Necromancer. This is then accompanied by new abilities, including one which will be characterized by the famous “Arise” launched by Jinwoo to the defeated knights.

What is the “Arise” formula in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jinwoo and his army of shadows in the anime Solo Leveling

“Arise” (lit.: “stand up”, or “okiro” in the original version of the anime) is a command chosen by Jinwoo which allows him to transform the dead to join his army of shadows.

After becoming a Necromancer, the numerous points obtained during the class change quest will allow him to be entitled to a “class promotion”. He will thus obtain the title of “Monarch of Shadows”. This evolution will also give him new abilities, including one called “Shadow Extraction”.

When trying his new skill, the system will then ask him to choose a formula that he can say in order to use his ability. Jinwoo will then choose “Get up”, or “Arise” in English. Once pronounced, this allows him to launch his new skill, which allows him to extract the shadow of corpses using their mana. He will thus transform the knights present in the throne room, including Igris, into shadows.

After transforming them into shadows, Jinwoo now has the ability to control them and give them orders. However, this doesn't always work. For example, if he tries to control someone stronger than him, the command is useless.

Shadow mining is one of the protagonist's most famous and iconic powers in Solo Leveling. It is therefore not surprising that the “Arise” formula was chosen for the final episode of the animated series. It also allows us to bridge the gap with season 2, already titled “Arise from the Shadow”: we can already expect more to be revealed to us about the hero's new skill.

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