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What happened to PlayStation Stars?



Sony launched Days of Play and brought several campaigns for players to enjoy within the PS App, more specifically on PlayStation Stars. However, the celebration was not complete for many, after all, this feature stopped working in the application.

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We’ll explain how all this happened over the last few weeks, where the tab ended up being deactivated and Sony still hasn’t explained what happened:

  • Start of Days of Play with activities and more!

On June 3rd, PlayStation Stars was still online and Sony launched Community Challenges. With goals to be met together by all players, fans moved to achieve the goals. Time was limited and the rewards would come through the program itself, however, everything fell apart.

  • Instability on PS Stars

The period of instability began to worry the community days later, in the midst of the challenges. The PS App and its other functions were still available, however, the loyalty program began to become inaccessible.

Error in PlayStation StarsError in PlayStation Stars
(Source: Jean Azevedo/MeuPS)

PlayStation Stars was eventually removed from the PS App menus. Currently, there is no way to know whether purchases are, in fact, generating points and whether Days of Play rewards have been delivered.

PlayStation Stars continues to have problems to date

Sony has not yet released access to PlayStation Stars. The icon has changed in the application and the level previously reached within the program is not shown.

PlayStation Stars iconPlayStation Stars icon
(Source: Jean Azevedo/MeuPS)

On the official website, it is also not possible to sign up for the service at the moment:

PlayStation Stars in the web browserPlayStation Stars in the web browser
(Source: PlayStation)

No information has yet been released about possible changes to the system, so the best option is to wait for PlayStation itself to talk about the matter.

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