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What is Chained Together, the new cooperative game that has taken Twitch by storm



A brand new co-op game, Chained Together, is making a splash on Twitch. Here’s everything we know about this new title.

Chained Together was released on Steam on June 19, 2024. This new title tests the ability of players to work together with a great particularity: players are chained to each other and their movements are limited.

Since its launch, the title has attracted attention and promises to be a new must-have game for streamers.

But what is Chained Together and why is it already making a splash on streaming platforms like Twitch? Keep reading to know all the details.

What is Chained Together? Explanation of the new cooperative game

First announced in 2023, independent developers ofAnegar Games have finally released Chained Together on Steam, a 3D platformer that is already making waves online.

Chained Together requires players to traverse various locations while connected to each other, greatly limiting movement and making communication crucial to success.

It’s essentially a cooperative version of the game Only Up, but instead of climbing alone with your friends, you’re literally chained together and forced to work together.

Although Chained Together can be played solo, the game’s combat and challenges lend themselves to an adventure with one or two friends, the goal being to escape from Hell by climbing as high as possible.

Put it that way, it seems simple, right? However, the game does everything it can to stop you from climbing.

Chained Together is becoming a must-have on Twitch

In the world of streaming, cooperative games like Among Us and Content Warning have demonstrated the ability to attract large audiences, mainly due to the fun chaos that emerges when content creators collaborate. Now Chained Together can be added to this list.

Although Chained Together was only released on June 19, streamers on Twitch have already grabbed the title. The likes of DisguisedToast and LilyPichu have already played this new cooperative game live. Reaching hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers within hours of its release, the game is already proving to be a huge success.

Just head over to the Chained Together category on Twitch to watch a wide variety of streamers attempt to climb out of the depths of hell and conquer the platforms, either with friends or solo. Up to you !

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