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What version of Verdansk is in Warzone Mobile? All locations



Call of Duty players will finally be able to revisit Verdansk when it arrives in Warzone Mobile on March 21. But with the many evolutions of Verdansk, notably the 1984 overhaul, which version of this map is playable in the mobile Battle Royale?

Verdansk left Warzone with the launch of Vanguard in December 2021 and players have been eagerly awaiting its return ever since. If its return seems planned for the release of Treyarch's 'Black Ops Gulf War' at the end of 2024, Warzone Mobile offers this map to everyone.

But with Verdansk having gone through several different iterations for almost two years, you might wonder which version Warzone Mobile brings.

So here's everything you need to know.

What version of Verdansk does Warzone Mobile offer?

Warzone Mobile presents the original version of Verdansk launched on March 10, 2020. This means that classic locations like Dam and Quarry are still there, while locations like Summit, Array, and Nakatomi Plaza are absent.

However, we could see the map evolve as it did during its original operation, with the opening of the Stadium and Train Station, the arrival of the Zombies, then its nuclear destruction to make way for Verdansk '84.

But, we will have to wait and see what the Warzone Mobile developers have planned.

Verdansk Stadium Warzone Mobile

The iconic Verdansk Stadium will make its comeback in Warzone Mobile.

All Verdansk locations in Warzone Mobile

Here are all the Verdansk locations in Warzone Mobile:

  • Dam
  • Military Base
  • Quarry
  • Airport
  • TV Station
  • Storage Town
  • Superstore
  • Stadium
  • Lumber
  • Boneyard
  • Train Station
  • Hospital
  • Downtown
  • Farmland
  • West Drive
  • East Promenade
  • Park
  • Port
  • Hills
  • Prison

Rebirth Island will also return to Warzone Mobile on March 21 and it will be the original version, not the Reinforced version with the Stronghold location and the ship at Docks. However, the popular Control Center will be completely built.

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