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What's that, Alvin? ARMED SQUIRRELS game is announced



Armed squirrels. These two words sound strange together, but they were brought together by developer Dee Dee Creations in the creation of Squirrel with a Gun, an action game where squirrels use powerful weapons to defeat humans.

As bizarre as it is, the reveal trailer appears to have an interesting quality. The armed squirrels have a variety of equipment and it will be possible to customize the animals with cosmetic items.

From now on, it is forbidden to criticize Alvin and the squirrels as the threat can be fatal.

Discover Squirrel With a Gun, the game about armed squirrels

In Squirrel With a Gun, you start out as nothing more than a rodent with a dream. However, once equipped with one of the many firearms that squirrels often encounter in the wild, you will use your weapon to confront the agents who are hunting you. You may be less than a foot tall, but you can do more damage than they can.

The title has platform and sandbox elements, allowing the player to develop the skills of armed squirrels depending on the equipment selected.

The title will be available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC sometime in 2024.

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