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When does Skull and Bones season 1 start?



Skull and Bones post-launch content will follow a seasonal format, but when will the very first season begin? Here's everything you need to know.

Ubisoft's online pirate adventure, Skull and Bones, is finally available. Being a live game, this game will continue to receive updates, and we already know everything that will happen in the first year.

There's already a lot to discover in Skull and Bones, from bosses to treasure hunting, as well as PvP activities. Once you've reached max Infamy and plundered most of the Indian Ocean, all you can do is wait for Season 1, but when does it start?

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Here's everything we know.

When will Season 1 of Skull and Bones start?

Skull and Bones season 1 premieres February 27. Each season is expected to last 12 weeks, meaning Season 1 could end around May 21.

Roadmap Skull and BonesUbisoft

Four seasons have been confirmed for Skull and Bones' first year.

While there are no official details on the start date, some players had previously spotted an in-game message stating that the season could start on February 26 or 27. The in-game message mentions that some progress will be reset once the new season begins, with a timer indicating the days remaining.

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We know that each season will last 12 weeks. As for what's planned for Season 1, here's a quick overview:

  • A major pirate to hunt, Philippe La Peste.
  • A new sea monster, the Thylosaurus.
  • A new Battle Pass.
  • New activities in Faction Convoys and Territory Control.
  • More Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heist opportunities.

Ubisoft also indicated that most of the first year's content involving gameplay will be free for all players, so boss fights and other content should be available to everyone.

And that's everything we know about Season 1 of Skull and Bones.

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