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When will Rebirth Island return to Warzone?



Rebirth Island was removed from Warzone in November 2022, when Warzone 2 launched despite its popularity. Luckily, she's back in the game. Here's what we know.

Rebirth Island was the first small-scale Resurgence map introduced in CoD Battle Royale. It quickly became very popular, especially when Verdansk was replaced by Caldera as the main map.

As a result, many players have become accustomed to the fast and frenetic style of Rebirth Island. Although Vondel and Ashika Island have satisfied some Resurgence players, many still miss the days when the prison reigned supreme.

Fortunately, Rebirth Island should make its comeback soon.

Does Rebirth Island have a return date in Warzone?

Rebirth Island could return to Warzone in Season 3based on files found in the Season 2 update.

Warzone's Season 2 update brought the Fortune's Keep map to the battle royale on February 7, and it looks like Rebirth Island isn't far away. The developers initially confirmed that this map was planned to return to Warzone later in 2024, but no official release date has been revealed yet.

Raven Software has confirmed that the original Beenox team is leading the development of the card's return.

First image of Rebirth Island 2024 leaked

Following the Season 2 Reloaded update for MW3 and Warzone, leakers have discovered the first glimpse of the 2024 version of Rebirth Island via loading screen images in the game files.

While the image doesn't reveal many details, players have noticed that the map is expected to return in its Call of Duty: Vanguard version, Rebirth Reinforced, with a few changes.

And that sums up everything we know about the return of Rebirth Island to Warzone. For more content on Battle Royale, do not hesitate to consult our guides:

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