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When will the Godzilla Minus One Blu-ray be released?



Godzilla Minus One made a sensational entrance into cinemas, establishing itself as one of the biggest films of 2023. But many fans did not have the chance to see it and are therefore impatiently awaiting the release of the film on Blu -ray.

In 1954, Godzilla was unleashed on the world in Toho's first film, launching a franchise that spanned the decades and shaped popular culture. Alongside King Kong, he is the most iconic movie monster.

If Legendary Pictures continues to spin the wheel of its MonsterVerse, other completely independent projects are still seeing the light of day since seven years after the excellent Shin Godzillathe original kaiju studio returned with Minus Onea first-rate film.

The strategy of a brief international release worked, allowing the film to shine at the box office while building a solid reputation – even to the point of winning an Oscar! Unfortunately, the decision has its setbacks, and many viewers haven't been able to lay eyes on this new iteration of the nuclear lizard.

In this case, there is more than one solution: in the absence of streaming, you have to wait for the Blu-Ray release. But when will the film be available in physical format?

When will the Godzilla Minus One Blu-ray be released?

Godzilla Minus One will be released on Blu-ray on May 1st in Japan, in a superb edition viewable on the film's official website. Although there is no French date yet, we should not give up all hope.

The film broke numerous records, and its international popularity became a powerful lever to convince Toho to sell outside of Japan. Without forgetting the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, won under the noses of the biggest American blockbusters. The statuette should thus reassure the distribution company, renowned for being jealously protective of its productions.

At this stage, Godzilla Minus One does not yet have a listing on Amazon or other retailers for its physical release. We will therefore have to be patient before the film appears on the international market.

On Reddit, one user speculated: “I don't expect it to appear on streaming or DVD/Blu-Ray until almost Christmas next year. Toho is still waiting a few months after the Blu-Ray release in Japan to release it in the rest of the world.

The second half of 2024 therefore seems the best time for a possible release of the film on Blu-ray in France.

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