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Where to find and capture Bushi in Palworld



Palworld is full of diverse creatures, but Bushi is one of the rarest in the game. So find out where you can find and capture him.

As a Fire-type Pal with number 072 in the Pal Deck, Bushi is a highly sought after and powerful creature for any player.

Bushi demonstrates his versatility in a variety of activities with a great number of Work Compatibility. These include Ignition Lv2, Manual Labor Lv1, Gathering Lv1, Deforestation Lv3, and Transportation Lv2.

When Bushi is freed, his Stealth Flash skill allows him to launch an instant attack on a target designated by the player, making this Pal all the more desirable.

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That being said, here's everything you need to know about getting this Pal.

Where to find Bushi in Palworld

To find Bushi in Palworld, you will need to go to coordinates –117, -491 which serve as the entry point to the dungeon where Bushis are usually found. Moreover, Bushi can be found wandering the beach in the Fishing Village.

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You can also potentially hatch Bushi from a Large Burning Egg. These eggs are found across the islands or obtained by breeding Pals on a Breeding Farm.

Capturing Bushi in Palworld is no easy feat. So to maximize success, make sure you have at least four level 20 Pals in your team. Water-type Pals, such as Penking, Celaray, Pengullet, and Fuack, are recommended for their ability to deal significant damage to Bushi.

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The capture process involves weakening Bushi, strategically positioning yourself behind him to improve capture chances, and then deploying Mega Spheres for the capture attempt.

Dodging Bushi's attacks and recalling your Pals at the right time is essential to avoid unintentionally defeating the coveted Pal.

And that's everything you need to know to find and capture Bushi in Palworld.

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