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Where to find and capture Kitsun in Palworld



Kitsun is a Fire-type Pal with some essential traits. Unfortunately, he's also one of the rarest Pals in the game. Here's everything you need to know to add Kitsun to your collection in Palworld.

Few could have predicted Palworld's sudden rise. It crushed the competition in just a few days, reaching the second highest number of concurrent players for a paid game on Steam. The combination of creature capture, combat, and survival elements seems to have struck a chord with a wide range of fans.

Much of this is certainly due to players' desire to collect as many Pals as possible. While some are easy to capture, others require a little more work, and Kitsun is definitely one of them.

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If you want to add Kitsun to your Paldeck, read on to find out exactly how to do it.

Where to find Kitsun in Palworld

While we don't have too much specific data at this point, Kitsun is one of the more difficult Standard Pals to track down. The first thing to do is put on some warm clothes and head to the mountain in the northeast of the map.

Where to find Kitsun in PalworldPocketpair

Where to find Kitsun in Palworld

Kitsun appears rarely, only at night and exclusively at the location indicated on the map. So, wait until the sun sets to go in search of this special Pal.

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Kitsun being a Fire type, use a Water type Pal to make the fight easier. Its capture should then be feasible at a level higher than 25. Thus, its capture becomes feasible once you exceed level 25. Penking and Azurobe prove to be allies of choice for this quest, provided you have them on your team during your tracking.

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Another, although less secure, method of acquiring Kitsun is to hatch it from an egg. Being a Fire-type Pal, it emerges exclusively from Hot Eggs. Regular and large sized eggs are suitable for hoping to hatch a Kitsun.

There you have it, you know everything about how to capture Kitsun in Palworld. While you wait to try your luck, be sure to check out our dedicated Palworld page as well as our guides:

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