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Where to find and capture Mossanda in Palworld



Mossanda stands out as a notable Pal in Palworld, with unique combat abilities and practical skills. Find out where you can find and capture it.

Mossanda, known for his impressive stats and the partner skill “Pandanade,” is a Leaf elemental-type Pal with a range of active skills.

However, successfully capturing Mossanda requires more than a general approach, it requires strategic planning based on its specific habitat and combat weaknesses.

The quest to capture Mossanda involves heading to specific areas within the lush landscapes of Palworld.

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This guide will then provide you with the essential locations and tactics needed to successfully add Mossanda to your collection in the game.

Where to find Mossanda in Palworld

Mossanda is typically found in the Panda Forestan area rich in natural resources and home to this unique Pal. The best coordinates to spot Mossanda are (284, 21) and (249, 44)making these locations ideal for encountering and capturing Mossanda.

Palworld mapPOCKET EVEN

Capturing Mossanda involves planning and strategy, given its weakness to Fire-element Pals due to its Leaf elemental type. Bringing Fire-type Pals into battle will give you a significant advantage in weakening and capturing Mossanda. Prepare for an intense encounter, as Mossanda is known for his sturdy skills and defenses.

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Once captured, Mossanda is a versatile asset, especially with his “Pandanade” skill, which allows you to quickly fire a grenade launcher while mounted. Mossanda's active skills, such as “Power Shot” and “Seed Shot,” make him a formidable companion in battle.

Alternatively, you could also hatch Mossanda from a Large Verdant Egg. These eggs can be collected across the islands and obtained by breeding Pals on a Breeding Farm.

And that's everything you need to know to find and capture Mossanda in Palworld.

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