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Where to find and capture the Legendary Pal Paladius in Palworld



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Beyond the regular Pals, there are the Legendary Pals, designed to tackle some of the toughest challenges in the game. These Legendary Pals are some of the most memorable in the game and Paladius is one of them. Here's how to capture it in Palworld.

Few could have predicted Palworld's popularity when it hit virtual shelves on January 19th. Its intoxicating mix of creature capture, real-time combat and survival has won over a large number of players.

Despite controversy over certain similarities between Palworld and Pokémon, the game shows no signs of slowing down. Now, with some players at level 50 and above, it's finally possible to capture the game's legendary Pals.

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Here's everything you need to know to add Paladius to your collection.

Where to find Paladius

As a legendary Pal, Paladius can only be found in a specific area of ​​the map. Head to the far north of the map, in the desert area, just beyond the small lake, and it should be relatively easy to spot.

He is always accompanied by Necromus, another legendary Pal, and it is impossible to fight one without the other. These two are arguably the last two to aim for in the entire game, so make sure you're well prepared.

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Location to find Necromus and Paladius in PalworldPocketpair

Location to find Necromus and Paladius in Palworld

The ideal Pal to bring into this battle is Astego. The only Dark/Dragon-type Pal in the game, proves to be a weakness for Paladius and Necromus. Failing that, bring a pure Dragon type to prevent Necromus from becoming super effective against other Dark types.

As is the case with all Legendary Pals, take armor, powerful ranged weapons, and Ultra Spheres with you. This will make it easier for you to capture the legendary duo.

To discover the strongest Pals to capture, check out our dedicated Palworld page. For guides on other aspects of the game, check out the links below:

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