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Where to find and how to capture Galeclaw in Palworld



Known for his unique gliding ability and fearsome combat skills, Galeclaw is a highly sought-after Pal in Palworld. So here's where to find and how to capture Galeclaw.

In Palworld, Galeclaw stands out for his impressive attack stats and the partner skill “Ride Galeclaw”, which transforms him into more than just a companion: he is a tactical asset.

However, locating Galeclaw requires more than luck; it requires strategy and an understanding of its specific locations.

So here's where to find and how to capture Galeclaw in Palworld.

Where to find Galeclaw in Palworld

Galeclaw is commonly found near coordinates (4, -326) and (9, -300), making these locations ideal spots to encounter this unique Pal. These coordinates (see map below) are crucial to narrowing down your search and increasing the likelihood of an encounter with Galeclaw.

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Areas to find Galeclaw in PalworldPocketpair

Areas to find Galeclaw in Palworld

To successfully capture Galeclaw, it is essential to understand his weaknesses. As a Non-Elemental Type, Galeclaw is particularly vulnerable to Dark-type Pals. Incorporating Dark-type Pals into your team can significantly increase your chances of weakening and capturing it.

Captured Galeclaws are used for their combat skills “Gale Claw”, “Air Cannon” and “Sand Sand Tornado”. Also, its gliding ability makes it a unique Pal. The “Ride-Galeclaw” skill turns it into a handy asset as a Glider, allowing players to glide and shoot simultaneously.

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