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Where to find and how to farm Beautiful Flowers in Palworld



Beautiful Flowers are necessary to create the best possible character, as they can be transformed into an item that grants a unique power. Here's where to get and how to farm Beautiful Flowers in Palworld.

Whether it's Coal or Honey, there are many valuable resources in Palworld. They allow you to create the best improvements for your equipment and your base. However, few are as impactful as the Beautiful Flower, which is a necessity for optimizing your character.

So, Beautiful Flowers are one of the hardest items to find in Palworld. They can only be harvested in a few specific locations.

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Since you are unlikely to come across one by accident, you will instead have to actively seek out this resource. So here is a guide to tell you where to find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld.

Where to get Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

Beautiful Flowers can be picked from the ground in one of Palworld's three Wild Areas. Although it is a quick and reliable method, entering a shrine is considered a ” criminal activity » and will give you the Wanted status if you are spotted. If this happens to you, follow our guide to get rid of the Crime in Progress status.

Areas to find Beautiful Flowers in PalworldPocketpair

In white, the Wild Areas where to find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld. In orange, where the special Gumoss is located which can drop Beautiful Flowers.

Beautiful Flowers can also be obtained as loot by fighting or capturing some of the following Pals:

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  • Variant of Gumoss with a flower
  • Lyleen
  • Petallia
  • Ribbony
  • Wumpo
  • Wumpo Botan

What are Beautiful Flowers used for?

The main function of Beautiful Flowers in Palworld is to concoct a Memory Erasing Medicine, essential for resetting your status points. For its preparation, you will need an Electric Pharmacy Table and the resources listed below:

  • 99x Beautiful Flowers
  • 50x Horns
  • 50x Bones
  • 50x Pal Fluids

Beautiful Flowers are also used to make the Flower Bed and the Wumpo Botanical Saddle. The Flower Bed permanently boosts all harvesting actions in your base, while the Wumpo Botanical Saddle is designed to ride Wumpo Botan, a sturdy Grass-type Pal.

While waiting to go in search of Belles Fleurs, consult our guides below and discover our page dedicated to Palworld.

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