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Where to get and how to farm quality Pal Oil in Palworld



If you want to craft guns in Palworld, you'll need one key ingredient. Here's how to find and farm quality Pal Oil in Palworld.

Upon its release, Palworld was a resounding success, breaking records on Steam for the number of concurrent players. With over a million players connected at the same time, the servers are struggling to keep up with the game's popularity.

Frequent comparisons to Pokémon before its release led fans to praise the game for having ” does what Nintendo failed to do “. Others have argued that Palworld is merely derivative and have dubbed it the “Pokemon with guns” since its first trailer was released.

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If you're one of the millions of people playing Palworld and a 'Pokemon with guns' is just what you've been looking for, you'll want to get your hands on the most important ingredient for crafting guns. Below, find out how to obtain quality Pal oil in Palworld and how to farm it.


Quality Pal oil from a Hawker in PalworldPocketpair

Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

How to get quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Quality Pal Oil is dropped by some Pals after being slaughtered. You have a chance to collect it from the Pals listed below:

  • Digtoise (#67)
  • Elphidran (#80)
  • Elphidran Aqua (#80B)
  • Flambelle (#70)
  • Dumud (#43)
  • Grintale (#52)
  • Mammorest (#90)
  • Mammorest Cryst (#90B)
  • Quivern (#95)
  • Relaxaurus (#85)
  • Relaxaurus Lux (#85B)
  • Jormuntide Ignis (#101B)
  • Woolipop (#34)

The best Pals to obtain quality Pal Oil are Dumud, Grintale And Woolipop. They can be seen wandering around Palpagos Island from the start of the game and they are not that high in level.

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Where to buy quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Despite the presence of many Merchants in Palworld, you can only buy quality Pal Oil from the Peddler in Desert Town, in the desert biome. For those who would prefer not to fight Pals to obtain their crafting materials, this is the best solution.

Desert Town location in PalworldPocketpair

Location of Desert Town in Palworld.

You can buy quality Pal Oil for 300 gold per jar from the Pedlar, easily recognizable thanks to its bright red color. Using a mount is the recommended way to get to Desert City. Plus, you can buy as many jars of quality Pal Oil as you want.

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Desert Town Peddler in PalworldPocketpair

You can buy quality Pal Oil from the Desert Town Peddler in Palworld.

In this area, Pals will be level 30 or higher. So make sure you've leveled up enough and are well prepared before heading into the desert.

Where to farm quality Pal Oil in Palworld

There are several great places to get quality Pal Oil in the game, but if you're just starting out, then defeating Woolipops is the best method for you.

These Pals are located at southeast of the Bamboo Valley, near the Great Swordsman's Domain fast travel point. They will be relatively easy to defeat compared to other higher level Pals mentioned in the list above.

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Area where to find Woolipop in PalworldPocketpair

Area where to find Woolipop in Palworld to farm quality Pal Oil

Woolipops can be level 14, so make sure you are well prepared before facing them in combat. If you want to increase your chances of defeating them, we recommend having a Dark type Pal.

Another method to obtain quality Pal Oil (if you are at a higher level in the game) is to travel to the Twilight Desert to defeat as many Digtoise and Dumud as possible.

Area where to find Digtoise and Dumud in PalworldPocketpair

Area where to find Digtoise and Dumud in Palworld

Digtoise has a chance to drop up to six quality Pal Oils every time you capture or kill one. They are found in abundance in this region of the game. Also, although they are resistant, you should be able to fight them with a good team.

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We therefore recommend bringing a Grass-type Pal like Robinquill. Her attacks are super effective against Digtoise and her partner skill Hawkeye increases headshot damage against enemies.

In the advanced phase of Palworld, players will have access to Mountains, where they can find Mammorest Cryst. They have one chance to drop Quality Pal Oils when captured or killed, but they are very difficult to kill.

Area where to find Mammorest Cryst in Palworld

Consequently, it would be wise to provide a Fire-type Pal such as Vanwyrm. It will both help you cross the ocean to the mountains and defeat the Mammorest Cryst.

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Also, it is important to note that some Pals like Cryolinx have the special Partner skill “Dragon Slayer”. It increases the number of items dropped by Dragon Pals when defeated.

What is high quality Pal oil used for in Palworld

The main purpose of this material in Palworld is thus to be used in the manufacture of Polymer. Polymer is a key ingredient in crafting weapons like the Double Barrel Shotgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and more.

To make Polymer, you will need to increase your Technology Level to 33 and unlock the Polymer Blueprint. Using a Production Line, you can convert two quality Pal Oils into a single piece of Polymer.

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Quality Pal oil is also necessary in several crafting recipes from Palworld: The Weapons Production Line, the Witch's Cauldron, the stools of certain Pals, etc.

Here's everything you need to know about harvesting quality Pal Oil. Be sure to check out our Palworld page for all the latest news and guides:

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