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Where was the Netflix series The Three-Body Problem filmed?



The 3-Body Problem takes the viewer on a world tour and more, but where was the Netflix series actually filmed?

The epic born from the books of Liu Cixin has convinced audiences around the world: after a resounding success in China and an award-winning publication in many other countries, The 3-Body Problem was entitled to a big budget adaptation at Netflix.

Taking up the sharp science fiction story of the novel and its plot about the first contact with an unknown civilization, the series still allowed itself modifications. Starting with a predominantly English cast, which however does not entirely replace the Chinese characters. Because The 3-Body Problem is not just about traveling to the stars or video game universes: it is also a tale putting planet Earth in the spotlight.

The episodes take their viewers to many different places: from a gigantic forest in China to a London illuminated by the starry sky via New York, we see a lot of varied landscapes. And to stage them, the showrunners went to set up their cameras in different countries. Here's everything we know about the series' filming locations The 3-Body Problem on Netflix.

What were the filming locations for the series? The 3-Body Problem on Netflix?

Series The 3-Body Problem was filmed in several countries, but the majority of its episodes were filmed in England.

People's Court China 1966 in the 3-body problem

One of the strengths of the series lies in its ability to show clearly identifiable locations, avoiding losing the audience already focused on understanding the different narrative threads. We easily recognize London by its usual symbols – even clichés, like the London Eye -, New York by its immense buildings and its police cars flocked with the letters of the city…

As for China in the 1960s, it is above all rural since the characters who evolve there are concerned with two major elements: nature represented by a forest first ravaged then in full recovery, and landscapes sufficiently empty of population to launch the scientific program without arousing too much suspicion.

You can find below the list of filming locations known to date for the series The 3-Body Problem :

  • Shepperton Studios, England
  • Greater London, England
  • Buckinghamshire, England
  • Hampshire, England
  • Surrey, England
  • Portsmouth, England
  • Kent, England
  • Oxford, England
  • Sussex, England
  • Bedfordshire, England
  • Badajoz, Spain
  • United Nations Headquarters, New York
  • Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Hawthorne, Florida
  • Vedra Beach, Florida

Having to film locations in several countries was probably nothing new for the showrunners: in fact, David Benioff and DB Weiss of Game Of Thrones and Alexander Woo of The Terror have already had to comply with the exercise for their previous productions.

But the biggest challenge will undoubtedly have been the settings visible within the virtual reality headset, immersing the characters in an ultra-realistic game. As executive producer Bernadette Caulfield explains in a press release: “Nothing stays up for more than two days on average, and these structures that we build for a day, or even half a day of filming, are by no means small.

At this point, it's hard to guess what kind of locations a possible sequel might be filmed in. Especially since Netflix has not yet announced a season 2 for The 3-Body Problem.

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