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Which statuses to strengthen as a priority in Palworld



Palworld is a survival game and you have to boost your statuss to ensure your battles go well. Here are the best statuses you should look to strengthen quickly.

Palworld, like most other open world survival games, has stats that you can level up. You earn points every time you level up in the game, so you can use them to boost your desired status.

Choosing which statuses to upgrade often reflects your personal approach to the game. However, some of them are essential to making your experience in Palworld more enjoyable and the gameplay smoother. If you're lost, we're here to guide you.

Here's what you need to know about status boosting in Palworld.

Anubis in Palworld

The statuses you are allowed to upgrade in Palworld are:

  • PV
  • Endurance
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Working speed
  • Current weight

All of these statuses are useful, but there are some that are more important. Indeed, in Palworld, statuses such as HP, Endurance, and Current Weight are crucial to progress. They influence your ability to explore, fight, and build. Choose them wisely to complement your playstyle and optimize the effectiveness of your Pals in this rich and dynamic world.

Hit Points (PV)

This parameter boosts your stamina and proves to be consistently beneficial. There is always a risk of being hit once or twice during clashes if your HP is insufficient. So, it is wise to invest points into your HP from the start.


Improving your Stamina is equally essential, as situations sometimes require running or climbing. Limited Endurance leads to rapid fatigue. Almost every action requires Stamina, so increasing it is imperative.

Current weight

The Current Weight defines the volume of equipment that you can carry in the game. This is a characteristic that should not be neglected, especially at the start of the game, because you will have to transport a large part of the resources, given the limited number of Pals at your disposal. Increasing your Current Weight will therefore considerably facilitate the construction of your base.

If the other Statutes remain relevant, they do not compete in importance with these three. This is because tasks related to defense or resource extraction are often delegated to your Pals. Thus, attack, defense and working speed become secondary and should only be strengthened with excess points.

In any case, remember to strengthen your statuses whenever a status point becomes available. There is no benefit to accumulating status points, as staying below your level will make the game more difficult unnecessarily.

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