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Why did the release of the new Demon Slayer movie disappoint many fans?



The film Demon Slayer: On the Road to Pillar Training was released in cinemas, but spectators expressed their dissatisfaction.

On the occasion of season 4 of Demon Slayer, the franchise has decided to release a compilation film in theaters. The goal ? Bringing together scenes from previous seasons as well as the last big finale, with the first episode of the next one. Celebration in advance for the most impatient fans, the content of this part will be available in early April 2024 with the streaming release of season 4.

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The film, which adapts the Pillar Training arc, was an opportunity for fans to enjoy one of the most popular anime in the shonen genre earlier. But amid the noise in the theaters and the spoilers on social networks, a few people from the public expressed their dissatisfaction. For what ?

Why do fans of Demon Slayer Are they unhappy about the last movie?

Despite the details before the release of the compilation film, many spectators believed that it was a separate story: the disappointment was then great when they discovered that it was “only” the last episode of the season 3, and the premiere of season 4.

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For further clarification, although boasting a screen time of almost two hours, Demon Slayer: On the Road to Pillar Training only covers chapters 128, 129, the first half of the 130th and the second half of the 131st of the manga, in the Hashira Training arc. The story begins by showing flashbacks of the Infinity Train arc, before presenting the entire Blacksmith Village special finale. After this recap, the rest of the screen time is dedicated to the first episode of the upcoming season.

Some scenes presented there do not appear in the manga, others do. And instead of a post-credits scene, viewers were treated to a preview of the opening that will mark season 4 of Demon Slayer. Nevertheless, On the Road to Pillar Training does not adapt the entire arc concerned, to the surprise of some fans who did not hesitate to express themselves on social networks.

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Lmfaooo save your money if you plan to watch the new Demon Slayer movie in theaters, it's 1 hour of recap and about 40 minutes of new content

The new Demon Slayer movie is just an expensive recap, if you don't mind watching the last episode of season 3 again then go for it.

Shame on me for hoping the Demon Slayer movie wouldn't be another 45 minute recap of the previous season and 30 minutes of nothing at all announcing the next arc.”

Too many influencers, not enough fans for the season 4 premiere of Demon Slayer ?

Another point that made the fan community groan: in France, a preview in the presence of members of the anime team was planned, but many places were reserved for influencers and journalists. And many fans complained about it on X/Twitter.

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Despite the complaints, many other fans preferred to support the gesture of a preview release in theaters, a trend which also seems to be spreading for big anime franchises.

Especially since the information concerning the summary had also been shared beforehand, as pointed out by other Internet users on X/Twitter : “I don't know where some people are getting their info from, but it was clearly stated that the Demon Slayer “movie” was going to pick up an episode before introducing the new arc.

The screening for the compilation film has ended in France, but those who missed it need not worry: its content will also be available in the first episode of season 4 of Demon Slayerexpected for early April 2024.

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