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Why is Billy Butcher dying in The Boys?



Season 4 of The Boys begins with sad news for Billy Butcher: he will die soon. But then, how much time does he have left? And what is the cause?

In view of the trend in which The Boys has registered so far, it’s hard to imagine the superhero series ending with an ending like “and they lived happily and had many children”, especially for Billy Butcher. The character played by Karl Urban gave himself body and soul in his quest for revenge, going so far as to put his own life in danger to fight against Homelander.

Now, Butcher’s future is more in jeopardy than ever, with Season 4 confirming from the start that he doesn’t have much longer. And rather than just waiting out the end, Butcher is determined to take all the Supes with him.

Season 4 of The Boys is now well underway, but for fans catching up, here’s why Billy Butcher is going to die soon.

What’s wrong with Billy Butcher?

In season 4 of The Boys, Billy Butcher suffers from a massive brain tumor resulting from V24 usebetter known as Temporary V (or Temp-V in VO).

This temporary version of Compound V (or Compound V) was introduced in season 3 of The Boys as a means of balancing the forces, giving Butcher and Hughie powers equivalent to those of Homelander and the other Supes, but only for a limited time, only being active for 24 hours.

However, the Temp-V is unstable, and there’s a reason Vought hasn’t put it into production. Indeed, its use has serious consequences on the body of those who take it, with Butcher and Hughie having notably shown that they both suffered from withdrawal symptoms after using it.

But this is only the visible tip of the iceberg. Because it is said in season 3 that three to five doses of Temp-V are fatal for the user. Sure enough, after six doses over the course of the season, Butcher is told he has brain tumors that will eventually kill him.

How long does he have left to live?

Butcher has about six months to live at the start of season 4.

When he learns of the tumors in season 3, he is told that he has 12 to 18 months to live. When season 4 begins and Homelander discovers the existence of the tumor, he comments that Butcher has about six months to live.

Can Butcher be cured?

Butcher doesn’t seem to know a cure for his tumors. However, this does not mean that the strange universe of The Boys will not offer solutions in the rest of the series.

There have already been quite a few incredibly bizarre healing solutions in The Boys. In season 4 alone, we’ve already seen Kimiko grow an arm back and reattach her face. There’s also Victoria Neuman, who seems as invulnerable as Homelander.

So it’s not hard to imagine that something could be found to save Butcher, either by curing the tumors or strengthening him enough to survive them. But for now, Butcher’s condition is more than worrying.

The new episodes of season 4 of The Boys air Thursdays on Prime Video. And to learn even more about the franchise, discover this statement from the showrunner of the series who returned to a crossover between The Boys its spin-off Gen V.

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