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Why should you play the Outcast demo? Appeal explains



The Outcast – A New Beginning demo is now available to play on PlayStation 5, but Appeal and THQ Nordic think that just releasing the experiment on PSN is not enough. To confirm that the game can catch your attention through experimentation alone, they released a video to encourage fans to try out the title.

In the Outcast — A New Beginnig demo, the player will be able to take advantage of several exploration mechanics. Jetpacks and another feature similar to the web wings from Marvel's Spider-Man 2 are present, bringing even more verticality when viewing the landscapes.

Along with this, a limited set of skills is provided. Although it does not represent all the equipment and skills of the full game, the experimentation will leave you wanting more” to check out the complete gameplay.

Closing, it will be possible to witness what part of the narrative will be like, getting to know new alien cultures and much more before the launch, scheduled for March 15, 2024. Test at the link below:

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Pre-orders for Outcast – A New Beginning begin on the PS Store

If you are a PS Plus subscriber, you will have an advantage when pre-purchasing Outcast – A New Beginning. Sony is offering an interesting discount for consumers and you can check it out here!

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