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Why Virgin River fans are angry after Netflix's 2024 announcements



Netflix has shared a huge update on which productions will be joining the catalog in 2024, and fans of Virgin River are angry.

Since its very beginning, the Netflix series has demonstrated reliability and regularity with its release schedules. The first season of Virgin River was thus broadcast in December 2019, the second in November 2020, the third in July 2021… basically, it did not take much more than a year to obtain the continuation of the adaptation of Robyn Carr's novels.

But even though creators avoid long waits, certain circumstances can impact forecasts. And the road to season 6 of the series followed by a large part of Netflix subscribers will still be long, especially after the writers' and actors' strikes of 2023 in Hollywood.

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However, said season 6 was indeed confirmed, even before the end of the fifth was broadcast. But will we see the next episodes in 2024?

Netflix makes its announcements for 2024: and for Virgin River ?

The start of February 2024 was an important week for Netflix: it was the opportunity to release as many announcements as possible for the next productions joining the catalog this year. New features, but also highly anticipated sequels. Unfortunately, season 6 of Virgin River was not part of it.

And rightly so: because this next chapter will not be available in 2024! The reason is simple: filming has not yet started, according to a report from Deadline, which also notes a delay for Stranger Things or the live-action adaptation of One Piece. Obviously, it didn't matter to the most dedicated spectators, who did not fail to let it be known on social networks.

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Fans of Virgin River show their anger at Netflix’s “absurd” update

It is on Reddit that the war of opinions rages the most, after someone created a dedicated thread to protest: “According to Deadline, season 6 won't air until 2025.”

To which another replied: “It's ridiculous. They will lose a lot of spectators.” A third then announced: “All Netflix shows take ridiculously long times. People will unsubscribe then resubscribe for that month.”

But not everyone shares the opinion of taking risks for the streaming giant. Another Internet user pointed out that Netflix was on the verge of winning the streaming war after a prosperous year: “They license content like Suits which has broken records globally and they also have original creations like Virgin River (but more popularly – Stranger Things, Squid Game, Bridgerton, etc). And their crackdown on account sharing brought them MORE followers – not fewer.”

They can therefore confidently push all these series to 2025, knowing that they have enough subscribers, both for licensed content and original content, to more than compensate for the departure of those who subscribe and unsubscribe based on their favorite series.

While others point out that with filming starting in May, we can expect a broadcast at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025, the fact remains that fans are having difficulty with the absence of information during the announcements. For Virgin River. In the meantime, the first five seasons are available in full on Netflix.

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